Interventional Radiology Special Procedures Lab 

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New Digital Technology Supports Less Invasive Treatments for Patients

North Shore's Interventional Radiology Special Procedures Lab features a $1.4 million digital imaging system that gives physicians extremely detailed, real-time images during procedures that require exacting precision.

This all-digital vascular and interventional imaging system will help physicians treat a variety of medical disorders including peripheral vascular, cardiovascular and neurological diseases, cancer, and other conditions, in lieu of major surgery.

Our doctors now have the ability to see the anatomy more clearly while guiding catheters, stents and other medical devices during minimally invasive procedures is critical. Because the images produced by the new imaging system are more detailed than those of conventional systems, our staff has a higher level of confidence during procedures such as balloon angioplasty, oncology and vascular interventions, and uterine fibroid embolization.

The all-digital vascular and interventional imaging system opens new opportunity for a wide range of minimally invasive procedures by producing clearer fluoroscopic images with a larger field of view. When compared to traditional surgery, image-guided minimally invasive techniques provide many benefits including reduced risk, less pain, shorter patient recovery times and lower procedure expense.

The new imaging system can provide exceptional image clarity with 10 times the dynamic range and a 37 percent larger field of view. Because physicians can image more anatomy in a single series with the new system, a complete image study can be done with fewer X-ray images, less X-ray dose and fewer injections of contrast dye when compared to conventional systems.

New Digital Imaging System
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