North Shore Medical Center Pays Tribute to Employee as Outstanding Health Care Worker 
Barbara Plizga 
Friday, 11 August 2006 
Kimberly Campbell, RN, Assistant Nurse Manager in the Emergency Room, has been named 2006 Employee-of-the-Year. 


North Shore Medical Center makes donation to Camillus House in name of Kimberly Campbell, RN, to celebrate National Nurses Week and National Hospital & Healthcare Week. 

MIAMI, Fla. – July, 2006 – As a part of the National Nurses Week and National Hospital and Healthcare Week celebration, held May 6 through May 13, North Shore Medical Center and the Tenet Healthcare Foundation are honoring Kimberly Campbell, a registered nurse and assistant nurse manager in the Emergency Department with a $500 donation to Camillus House Health Concern.

“Choosing one outstanding employee at North Shore Medical Center wasn’t easy,” said Manny Linares, CEO. “However, Kimberly was chosen because she demonstrates all of the criteria outlined in the standards of excellence to meet the hospital’s Target 100 goals, but the real underlying attribute of Kimberly is attitude. It’s not hard to see that she is a true team member to ensure that North Shore Medical Center is a safe place for patients and a great place for employees to come to. I can’t think of a person who has demonstrated more examples of “going the extra mile” than Kimberly.”

Kimberly served as a nurse in the Emergency Department and was promoted to assistant nurse manager in the Emergency Department. She chose the Camillus House Health Concern because it is their belief that every human being deserves love, respect and an opportunity to live a dignified life – Kilberly works and lives with the same belief.

As part of the celebration of National Nurses Week and National Hospital and Healthcare Week, the Tenet Healthcare Foundation will distribute approximately $34,000 in donations on behalf of employees at Tenet hospitals across the country.

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