North Shore Medical Center Nurse Honored as Nurse of the Year 
Barbara Plizga 
Wednesday, 07 June 2006 
Wendy Doogue, RN, honored as "Nurse of the Year" and received the Patricia "Trish" Barrett-Lewis Nurse of the Year Award for 2006. 

Wendy Doogue, R.N., receives the 2006 Nurse of the Year Award.


MIAMI, Fla. – May,  2006 –          North Shore Medical Center, has named Wendy Doogue, R.N., as Nurse of the Year and recipient of the Patricia “Trish” Barrett-Lewis Nurse of the Year Award, 2006.  Wendy is a registered nurse and works in the C. Gordon Griffith Cancer Center at North Shore Medical Center.

            Wendy was honored during National Nurses Week/National Hospital and Healthcare Week at one of the many events held during the week long festivities that commemorates the annual salute to nurses and healthcare workers during the month of May.

            Wendy joined North Shore in October, 1978 and worked in Pediatrics and 1-North.  Wendy later joined the C. Gordon Griffith Cancer Center at North Shore in September 1983 when it opened its doors to the community and remains there at this time.

            The Nurse of the Year award is in collaboration with North Shore Medical Center’s medical staff and hospital employees – all are invited to nominate candidates based on specific criteria in various categories such as:

·        Professionalism – attendance, compassion, caring, commitment to co-workers, excellent attitude, excellent follow-thru, responds to needs in a timely manner.

·        Technical Abilities – clinical knowledge, able to answer questions about the condition of the patient at all times, excellent clinical skills.

The Nurse of the Year award has been established in memory of Patricia “Trish” Barrett-Lewis who tragically lost her life while she was on her way to work.  “Trish was a wonderful person and a truly gracious individual who made life so much more pleasant for everyone around her and we miss her very much,” says Sylvain Trepanier, Chief Nursing Officer.


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