Psychiatric Services 

North Shore offers comprehensive psychiatric inpatient services for adults at our two Behavioral Health Units.

Each patient receives individualized, comprehensive care from our multi-disciplinary teams, which consist of psychiatrists and other physicians, nurses, mental health technicians, social workers, pharmacists, dieticians, therapists and counselors.

We offer a wide variety of therapies. Some patients may benefit from "talking therapies" such as anger and stress management, coping skills, goal setting and grief resolution, while others may benefit from non-verbal music therapy, recreation and occupational therapy.

North Shore's adjunctive therapists are trained to offer specialized groups. Patients may participate in these as part of their treatment plan.

In addition to our basic psychiatric program, North Shore offers a Specialized Medical Care Service. This unit treats patients needing specialized medical care in addition to psychiatric care. The service offers treatment such as IV therapy, wound care, blood transfusions or oxygen.

For a free physician referral, please call 1-800-984-3434.

All photos of models shown are for illustrative purposes only. Not actual patients.