Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Participating Physicians

North Shore Medical Center is proud to collaborate with the following physician partners on CMS CJR Initiative.

Collaborating Physicians
Barry Schapiro - 1023058153
Tenet Florida Physician Services, LLC - 1174998629
Raul Aparicio - 1861481798

*Providers are currently practicing services at the Florida Medical Center campus.

North Shore Medical Center, Inc., dba North Shore Medical Center is working with providers who treat Medicare Total Joint Replacement patients and who support the quality and cost goals of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Comprehensive Joint Replacement Model (CJR). The Medicare CJR model promotes accountability for the quality, cost, and overall care for patients during certain Lower Extremity Joint Replacement, including managing and coordinating care; encouraging investment in infrastructure, using technology, and redesigning care processes for higher quality and efficient service delivery. Participating providers aim to provide items and services in a manner that reduces costs and improves quality during both the hospital stay and during the 90 days of post-acute care.