What’s next? Useful information for what happens after you’ve been discharged. 

Your road to recovery 

When you leave the hospital after an illness, surgery or procedure, the coming months may be just the start of an extended recovery. Lasting recovery often requires a commitment on your part to live healthfully and consult regularly with your medical specialists for proper follow-up. 

North Shore’s commitment to your health and wellness doesn’t end when you leave our campus. We offer resources and other services to help you stay informed and keep improving your health. Those resources include email newsletters with tips for healthy living and online Health Centers so you can learn more about managing any existing conditions. If needed, we also have staff to guide you through any billing or insurance questions that come up after your treatment. 

Tips for a health lifestyle 

The North Shore Medical Center website has numerous resources to help you stay well. From the online Health Library to our Classes and Events, we want you to stay healthy enough that you won’t even need us. If the time does come for medical care, we certainly hope you’ll let us care for you. 

Keep in touch.  

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Past Patient Resources