For North Shore Medical Center Employees

North Shore Medical Center is making a difference throughout our community, thanks to our truly dedicated team. 

For Our Dedicated Employees

At North Shore Medical Center, we are fortunate to have a multitude of medical professionals on our staff. We offer many programs and incentives to reward your sincere dedication to the hospital. 

Some of the benefits that come with being a North Shore employee include employee discounts, continuing education and leadership training to advance your career. Below you can read about some of these programs.

Leaders Program

Tenet Leaders is a corporate-sponsored leadership development program. If you’re a manager or supervisor, you will be led through customized learning modules that support your development within Tenet. A variety of topics provide you with opportunities to integrate personal and professional development goals with Tenet’s business needs, initiatives and organizational values in the ever-changing healthcare environment.

Goals of the Tenet Leaders program are to:

  • Create a distinctive, highly trained workforce
  • Foster a team culture with shared goals and values
  • Develop a loyal and productive team
  • Manage company goals through a distinctive voice
  • Build skill-based assets for increased competitive advantage
  • Increase productivity and profitability through superior service
  • Reduce turnover and related costs
  • Enhance intellectual capital by developing a learning organization 


As an employer, Tenet offers you the leadership and technical education needed to advance your career in the clinical and management areas. We offer this training through .edu, an innovative continuing education program. Tenet’s educational network offers a combination of traditional, one-on-one, educator-led courses and computer-based online classes. These virtual courses are available at your convenience from Internet-linked workstations at our hospitals and from home computers.