Your mind matters.

Your personality, your memories, your speech patterns—all of these things combine to create an individual. And when a stroke, or a seizure, or an injury takes place in your brain, those things can all be taken away in an instant.

Patients can find peace of mind knowing that they’re in exceptional hands. Our physicians aren’t just great doctors—they’re great rehabilitators too, with the skills needed to help give you every chance at a full recovery.

Talk to one of our first class neurologists to find out what they can do for you.

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Advanced equipment for the right diagnosis

We provide our physicians with some of the latest technology to do their jobs. And modern technology means the high-quality care for you. From diagnosis to discharge, our care teams have the tools they need to provide you and your loved ones with exceptional care.

Find A Physician

If you know you need a Neurology specialist, but aren't sure who to call, our online Find a Physician tool gives you access to nearby physicians so you can pick the one that meets your needs.

Primary Stroke Center

North Shore Medical Center is a Primary Stroke Center, following national standards and guidelines that can significantly improve the outcomes of the most complex stroke cases.

Tests & Screenings

We offer some of the latest in tests & screenings to help diagnose your injury, and create a plan for recovery. Learn about them in our Health Library.

Our Neuroscience Stories

The best way to learn about our hospital is from the stories of the patients who have been treated here, and the dedicated team that call North Shore Medical Center their work home.

Health Library

When answers are difficult to find and you’re not quite sure where to turn, you need a place that knows your questions, and offers many of the answers. We call it our Health Library, where with the click of a mouse you gain access to symptom checkers, common conditions, recent health news, and almost everything in between. Did we mention the healthy recipes?