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When you’re sick or you have an injury, you want convenient and effective medical attention. At North Shore Medical Center, you will get the care you need and deserve. Our specialists use advanced technology and the latest approaches in medicine to offer a comprehensive suite of services to meet your health needs.  

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Working together for wellness 

When you seek treatment at North Shore Medical Center, you will have access to highly specialized physicians and nurses who can provide excellent healthcare. We offer a broad array of specialties and are highly respected for cancer care, maternity and neonatology, wound treatment, pain management and diagnostics. Our entire medical and support staff is committed to providing you with quality care in a warm, caring atmosphere. 

Learn more about the array of specialized services offered at North Shore Medical Center: 

Behavioral Health

When you have a mental health crisis, North Shore can help you regain your stability and control. We offer comprehensive psychiatric inpatient services for adults at two different behavioral health units.

Blood Conservation

If you’re having surgery and would like to avoid using donor blood via transfusions, you can request the Blood Conservation Program, which aims to minimize blood loss during surgery and other procedures.

Imaging & Diagnostics

Our Comprehensive Diagnostic Center allows us to do all of the tests or procedures necessary in one place, so you get a faster, more effective diagnosis.

Pain Care Center

If you’re facing unrelenting pain or discomfort following a surgery or illness, you may benefit from a customized pain management program at the Pain Care Center.

Sleep Center

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At North Shore, we've been doing surgery for more than 60 years. And while a lot has changed since then, our commitment to you and your care has remained steadfast.

Wound Care

The Wound Healing Center at North Shore specializes in treating arterial ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, ischemic ulcers and pressure ulcers.