Get started on your healing journey.

Recover mobility. Restore language and swallowing function. Build strength and endurance for day-to-day activities.

Following an accident, illness or procedure, you can benefit from quality, customized rehabilitation with one-on-one care. Healing takes time, but you can improve your chances of recovery by embracing a personalized rehabilitation plan of care. Rehabilitation services provide you with direction on your road back to better health. The sooner you begin, the better your results.

A stronger future awaits you.

Experiencing an injury or illness is frustrating, but rehab can improve your comfort level and overall quality of life. We will help you when things feel difficult, providing you with the right therapy care to meet your needs and help you heal. At North Shore Medical Center, expert physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech language pathologists will support and guide you every step of the way.

Have a professional assess your treatment needs. Talk to a physician to obtain a therapy prescription.

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If you know you need a specialist, but aren't sure who to call, our online Find a Physician tool gives you access to nearby physicians so you can pick the one that meets your needs.


Your path through rehab will depend on your unique circumstances. We'll talk to you about where you want to be, then create a plan to help you get there. Here are some common treatment programs we offer.

Classes & Events

Throughout the year, we offer classes and events to educate the communities we serve. Whether it's an opportunity to see our hospital in action, or an overview of health issues affecting the community, they let us get to know each other a little better. Explore the full list of classes here.

Health Library

When answers are difficult to find and you’re not quite sure where to turn, you need a place that knows your questions, and offers many of the answers. We call it our Health Library, where with the click of a mouse you gain access to symptom checkers, common conditions, recent health news, and almost everything in between. Did we mention the healthy recipes?