A community member and patient gives back

Dorothy R. Blake, board member, North Shore Medical Center

Our-Stories-Blake“North Shore Medical Center was one of the first the first hospitals to have a digital mammogram, and I was really impressed with that,” says Dorothy Blake, a member of North Shore’s board of directors. “I frequently came to the hospital to see several of my doctors. The hospital has so many wonderful physicians who are very personable and have made it a relaxing environment - so much so that you don’t mind going to the doctor for anything.”

Blake has been serving on North Shore’s board of directors for the past six years. She was the former lead principal for Miami-Dade public schools, overseeing about 15 schools from elementary through high school.

“North Shore is a community hospital located in a unique area. A number of my 'children' and their parents utilized the hospital,” she says. “A lot of them live nearby and felt very comfortable coming here for treatment.”

Blake was recommended to the board by one of her physicians. She’s now known in the hospital as not only a community member and patient, but also as an administrator.

“This organization is very professional, but they’re personable as well. It feels like one big family, but when it comes to getting down to business, we’re able to move in that direction in a very professional way,” says Blake.

In an industry where changes are constant and staff wish lists may be larger than a hospital’s budget, Blake attests to the patient-first focus of the administration.

“What’s unique about North Shore is that they keep the community needs and wants in mind. They recognize where they are and the needs the patients here may have,” she says. “Consider the Primary Stroke Center, for example. Having that here is vital, and locals feel comfortable coming here for that service. The hospital also recognizes the number of people with diabetes. We offer a number of workshops so community members can come in and ask questions. We get rave reviews for services like these.”