Local access to comprehensive breast care

Dr. Hakan Charles-Harris, Comprehensive Breast Institute medical director, North Shore Medical Center

Our-Stories-Charles-HarrisSurgeon Dr. Hakan Charles-Harris has been with North Shore since 2000. Given his long tenure with the hospital, he recognized a need in the community to provide better, more comprehensive women’s health services. In response to that need, North Shore Medical Center opened its Comprehensive Breast Institute in 2013.

“The Institute was a brainchild of mine and Chief Executive Officer Manny Linares. We live in a community that is a little bit underserved and we wanted to fill this need,” says Dr. Charles-Harris. “Patients used to have to travel to South Miami and beyond to get the types of services we’re offering here now.”

The Comprehensive Breast Institute offers digital mammography, breast ultrasound, bone density screening, stereotactic core biopsy, ultrasound guided core biopsy, ultrasound guided cyst aspiration, fine needle aspiration, galactography, lymphoscintigraphy, needle localizations, and lab testing. The Institute is organized to provide timely diagnosis and critical information and counsel to help patients better understand their diagnosis and treatment options.

“We wanted to provide the community a high-quality, spa-like atmosphere with all the latest equipment, and to give them the same level of service as you find not only Miami-Dade, but across the nation. We did a lot of research to determine the national standard of care,” says Dr. Charles-Harris.

A personal touch

The breast health service line is high-touch and patient-focused, combining not only the latest medical equipment and diagnostic technology, but also a staff that has a compassionate, caring demeanor.

“The staff is very knowledgeable, and they go beyond the call of duty. They show up in the evenings, they offer ideas, they know patients by their first names, and they’ll track me down to solve a problem for a patient,” says Dr. Charles-Harris.

He also notes that the local response to the new Comprehensive Breast Institute has been very positive and that the community is pleased to have such a high-quality facility in its backyard.

“Patients are very happy they have digital mammography and high-tech ultrasound available. That’s why they come back. They don’t have to travel far,” says Dr. Charles-Harris. “Plus, the level of customer service is very high. The procedures are comfortable, quick and efficient. All of which means very satisfied patients.”