Dedication to advancements in cardiac care

Dr. Vitalie Crudu, interventional cardiologist, North Shore Medical Center

Our-Stories-CruduAccording to interventional cardiologist Dr. Vitalie Crudu, it’s not every day that a new cath lab opens up in Miami. So when North Shore Medical Center presented him with an opportunity to spearhead opening one for their community, he jumped at the project.

“A service like this in Miami is unprecedented. It’s very rare. Because the market is already so saturated, it’s been about 10 years since a new one opened. There’s a definite need in the local community, but it’s not often a new program opens up.”

Dr. Crudu has been with the hospital since July 2013. Since his tenure at North Shore, he has noticed that the administration—from the CEO down—is especially supportive of its departments and staff.

“They have a vested interest in developing this cardiovascular service line. They’re supportive with ancillary services, equipment, nursing staff. They’ve invested a lot of resources,” says Dr. Crudu. “For example, in my narrow area of interventional cardiology, the cath lab has state-of-the art equipment, as do other imaging services. The radiology department has a new CT scanner. You see the administration’s interest and desire to succeed through the provision of equipment and support staff. They’re doing all they can on their part to promote the service, and we’re doing pretty well so far.”

North Shore is known and loved for the special attention given patients by its nursing staff—a quality that is frequently emphasized.

“We try to make sure the community recognizes that we have an attentive nursing staff that caters to patient needs from the moment they enter the doors until they leave the hospital. The priority is to provide a warm, welcoming interaction and to attend to their needs,” says Dr. Crudu.

In a cardiac emergency, local residents may not have consciously chosen to come to North Shore, but are brought to the facility by EMS.

“If someone having a heart attack lives close by, the ambulance naturally will bring them here. There are others who choose to come because of their proximity to the hospital or because of its 60-year history in the area,” says Dr. Crudu. “The feedback from patients in general is overwhelmingly positive, and we hope to continue that trend and improve upon it.”