A thriving ER provides quality care

Dr. Carlos Sanchez, medical director of emergency services, North Shore Medical Center

Our-Stories-SanchezNorth Shore’s medical director of emergency services, Dr. Carlos Sanchez, has been with the hospital for nearly 15 years and has seen the emergency department grow into a thriving gateway to other hospital services.

“I trained in emergency medicine in New Jersey, but I attended medical school down here and I couldn’t wait to come back down,” says Dr. Sanchez. “North Shore was one of the first groups I was hired with, a private group at the time. I started working here and eventually became a partner and full-time employee."

North Shore’s emergency department grows steadily in volume every year. The unit has 35 beds on the acute care side, and four beds for its Fast Track service, which treats less severe emergencies and saves patients a long wait in the ER. Recent renovations have also brought vast improvements to the department, but according to Dr. Sanchez, a great facility isn’t the only thing that makes North Shore’s ER stand out.

“We provide quality, efficient care. We try to see patients in a timely manner and get them where they belong as soon as we can make that determination,” Dr. Sanchez says. “In my experience, from the feedback we’ve received, the emergency department has always been a great front door to the hospital.”

A special place to work

While the hospital—and healthcare in general—may have changed a lot in the 15 years since Dr. Sanchez came to the hospital, the staff’s commitment to compassionate care has not.

“North Shore is a special place. From top to bottom you can sense the dedication everyone has toward patient care,” he says. “There’s a friendliness, a warmth you feel when you come in and walk down the hallways.”

Innovative ideas and continually modernizing medical services has kept North Shore on the forefront of medical care delivery, something that the community can always count on now and in the future.

“I recently attended a Chamber of Commerce function and talked to a lady whose father was diagnosed with a brain bleed 15 years ago. He was treated exceptionally well at North Shore, had surgery, and went on to a healthy 20 years after that first visit,” says Dr. Sanchez. “He was later diagnosed with gallbladder cancer and again received excellent care in the ICU. His daughter said she was very moved by the staff’s compassion. The same ICU nurse who cared for him 20 years ago cared for him this time around.”

The continuity of staff and the personal attention North Shore employees demonstrate toward patients are what Dr. Sanchez values most in his hospital.

“You can’t get bogged down with the bureaucracy and all the changes and uncertainties in healthcare,” he says. “You have to focus on what you’re doing—patient care, compassion and demonstrating your passion for your job.”