Grad student begins his career at the hospital where he was born

Madison Workman, former intern at North Shore Medical Center

Madison_Our StoriesGraduate students have to make a lot of big decisions, the most important of which is where to complete their required internships. For Madison Workman, that choice was easy — he wanted to intern at the same hospital where he and his triplet brothers were born: North Shore Medical Center.

Madison, Brandon and Corey Workman were born prematurely, and spent a lot of time in the North Shore NICU more than 20 years ago. They were the second set of triplets ever delivered at North Shore, so many of the employees still remember the excitement of their birth.

 “I remember when they were born and seeing them at the annual NICU reunion party when they turned a year old,” says Barbara Plizga, senior marketing manager at North Shore Medical Center. “It’s surreal to see them all grown-up and in suits!”

The triplets’ mother, Sherry, spent 40 days in the hospital prior to giving birth to her sons because of the high-risk nature of her pregnancy. Although her sons were all healthy at birth, they spent a month in North Shore’s Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for monitoring, which provides the highest level of neonatal care designated by the state of Florida.

madison“I cannot say enough wonderful things about the hospital staff for everything they did for me and my family,” says Sherry. “They made sure my babies were healthy enough to prosper outside of the hospital.”

Recently, the trio toured the NICU where they spent the first days of their lives.

“While looking around at the babies, I felt a sense of pride and was hopeful that they would one day be successful due to the staff’s excellent care,” says Madison. “I am forever grateful to the North Shore NICU team for giving me a chance at life.”

All three Workman brothers are currently enrolled at the University of Florida pursuing different degrees. Madison is earning his master’s degree in hospital administration and plans to be in hospital leadership one day. Through the Tenet Leadership Academy, Madison worked as a summer intern with North Shore’s administrative team to increase the hospital’s business development and expand its services through special projects.

“My experience at North Shore Medical Center was nothing short of amazing,” says Madison. “The hospital staff has been so welcoming, and they inspire me to keep learning and making a difference in the lives of others.”