Your heartbeat is a precious sound. 

Every day the average heart beats nearly 100,000 beats per day, pumping an amount of blood that equals about 1 million barrels of blood during an average lifetime. Along the way, you may experience difficulty with congestive heart failure, angina or arrhythmia. Any of these cardiac conditions can leave you low on energy, short of breath or in real danger of a heart attack or stroke. North Shore Medical Center is available to answer your questions, and be your partner in heart health.

Conditions & Treatments

At North Shore Medical Center, our focus is on getting to the causes of your heart trouble. That’s why we offer our cardiac catheterization lab, so that when you arrive at our doors with heart pain, we’re able to get a good look at what might be troubling you. While heart trouble can be caused by a number of different underlying factors, at North Shore Medical Center, we get to the heart of the problem.

Cardiologists and support staff use innovative technology to extend our treatment capabilities and reduce radiation risks. A fully digital, computerized X-ray system helps physicians capture and view detailed images of your cardiovascular system, which makes diagnosis and treatment faster and more accurate. You will also get less radiation exposure from this new and advanced approach in radiography.

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Advanced cardiac care

When your heart health is at risk, you want the most advanced, comprehensive cardiac care available. At North Shore Medical Center, we strive to provide the best care possible. And our efforts toward meeting high medical benchmarks haven’t gone unnoticed: 

  • The American Heart Association honored North Shore Medical Center with the Get with the Guidelines Gold Plus Performance Quality Achievement Awards for Heart Failure Treatment.

 What this means for you is cardiac care that you can count on.  

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