Cardiac Cath Lab

Recognized for our unique skill set 

North Shore Medical Center has been designated as a receiving facility by the Agency for Health Care Administration for coronary intervention. If that sounds impressive, it’s because it is. This Level I Adult Cardiovascular Services designation means that our hospital can administer emergency or elective PCI, a mechanical means of treating heart attack patients, or coronary artery occlusions. 

What does the cath lab mean for you?

Cardiac catheterization is a complex procedure. But what it means for you is that we have the onsite capability to get a good look at your coronary arteries to be able to quickly diagnose the potential causes of your heart issues.  

Cardiac Information 

The National Accreditation for Cardiovascular Excellence and the American Heart Association (NACE/AHA) set the guidelines and the national standard to intervene in any case where a patient’s cardiac vessels are diagnosed as blocked, and they set the measures for intervention to open the blocked vessels. These are the guidelines we use at North Shore Medical Center as our quality standards and practice measures. 


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