Vascular Disease

See a specialist about your vascular issues 

Millions of people every year are diagnosed with vascular disease. It can affect your quality of life and may be fatal without proper treatment. 

It’s important to seek a vascular specialist to properly diagnose and treat your issue based on a personalized plan of care. You can address this issue before it turns into an emergency. 

How can you spot vascular issues? 

The most common symptom of vascular disease is leg discomfort—especially painful cramping that occurs with exercise and is relieved by rest. You may feel it in one or both legs. Other symptoms of vascular disease may include: 

  • Changes in the skin, including decreased skin temperature or thin, brittle shiny skin on the legs and feet 

  • Diminished pulses in the legs and the feet 

  • Dead tissue due to lack of blood flow 

  • Hair loss on the legs 

  • Impotence 

  • Non-healing wounds over pressure points, such as heels or ankles 

  • Numbness, weakness or heaviness in muscles 

  • Pain (described as burning or aching) at rest, commonly in the toes and at night while lying flat 

  • Paleness when the legs are elevated 

  • Reddish-blue discoloration of the extremities 

  • Restricted mobility 

  • Severe pain 

  • Thickened, opaque toenails 


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