Comprehensive Diagnostic Center  

When you’re sick or hurt, you want to know what’s wrong as soon as possible. Our Comprehensive Diagnostic Center allows us to perform a series of tests all in one place so you receive a faster, more effective diagnosis.  


Our diagnostic services include: 


  • Imaging services 
  • Interventional Radiology Special Procedures Lab 
    Our $1.4 million digital imaging system gives physicians extremely detailed, real-time images during procedures that require exacting precision. This all-digital vascular and interventional imaging system helps physicians treat disorders including peripheral vascular, cardiovascular and neurological diseases, cancer and other conditions without major surgery.
  • Outpatient Surgical and Diagnostic Center 
    The Outpatient Care Center delivers many special same-day services, ranging from MRI to endoscopy to EEG. This broad range of treatment, therapy and diagnostic testing brings together physician specialists, advanced technology and highly trained support staff.
  • Comprehensive Breast Institute 
    Our board-certified physicians and health care professionals provide warm and supportive care tailored specifically to women. Mammograms are one of our primary functions, but we also offer a wide array of tools for all women’s diagnostics needs.

Diagnostic Imaging

Digital mammograms, ultrasounds, bone density tests, MRIs and CT scans are all components of an all-inclusive diagnostic imaging department. Our hospital has received accreditation from the American College of Radiology (ACR) for numerous imaging technologies and our Comprehensive Breast Institute is designated a Pink Ribbon facility.  


Diagnostic Imaging Services