Our community is demographically diverse and includes a thriving population of older adults. To better serve this population, we have enhanced our ER services to accommodate senior needs. The Senior Emergency Room at North Shore Medical Center focuses on increasing comfort and improving clinical outcomes and is customized for those with vision or hearing impairments. If you or your loved one requires a longer stay, we also offer an Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE) unit, which is designed to address the many complex medical issues older patients face. Our team of specialists provides comprehensive care to manage risk factors and improve patient outcomes.

About Our Acute Care for the Elderly Unit (ACE)

Hospitalized elders often have multiple and complex medical issues requiring an interdisciplinary team of specialists to provide comprehensive care that is specifically designed to address the needs of the elderly.

Collaboration among these specialists provides the best-possible outcomes and ongoing attention to caring for the elder patient.imagen002

The Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE) Unit at North Shore Medical Center is designed to address these needs and prevent functional decline in acutely ill, hospitalized elders and to ensure the transition home is smooth and the appropriate ongoing support is available.

The Ace unit features a geriatric-friendly environment that is focused on safety, management of geriatric syndromes, and prevention of the loss of physical and mental abilities.

Patients admitted to the ACE Unit at North Shore Medical Center are evaluated for risk factors that can result in functional decline. The unit implements the latest techniques in geriatric acute care, which are designed to reduce the risk of developing complications.

Specialized treatment helps older adults regain and maintain good function and reduce their hospital stay. Our team of specialized caregivers involves the patient’s family members early in the process, helping them anticipate social needs, and offering solutions to problems they may foresee.

The program focuses on:

  • Reducing risk of infection
  • Dietary needs
  • Maintaining skin integrity
  • Family involvement
  • Keeping patients mobile and engaged to maintain function. This means patients:
    • Spend less time in bed and more time walking and socializing
    • Are encouraged to keep with as many daily activities as possible

The Team

The Ace Unit consists of an interdisciplinary team of specialists that include physicians, nurses, dieticians, therapists, social workers and pharmacists trained to care for the special needs of older adults.

The team incorporates protocols for care and treatment that are specific for these patients.

Senior Emergency Room

The Signature Senior Emergency Room at North Shore Medical Center opened to serve elder patients with a focus on increasing the comfort and improving clinical outcomes.

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